About us

“Two things - highest regulatory requirements and the best service for our clients possible are inseparable.”
Bitclear is a Liechtenstein registered FinTech company and technical developer of online payment systems for crypto currencies. We have generated one of the most advanced and flexible crypto payment processor for accepting Bitcoin payments, which has been well tested and live in operations for many years all over the globe.

The payment gateway offers cryptocurrency payment processing services for businesses of any sizes. Bitclear Payment Gate has become a go-to payment processor for many merchants. We take over the invoices and merchants can send their goods without any risk.

Besides this, Bitclear brings cryptocurrencies closer to mass adoption by offering exchange services for buying and selling numerous crypto-assets with a single payment.

We are in the right place for the future. Since 2019 Bitclear is based and regsitered as a share company (Aktiengesellschaft) in Liechtenstein, a highly regulated and trustworthy financial market.
Customers‘ assets are protected through high standards and legal certainty.

Our vision

Bitcoin's core technology, blockchain, has emerged lately as a disruptive innovation with a wide range of uses, potentially capable of reshaping our interactions in business and society as a whole.

The future will be interoperable, resilient and conceptual.

We are working on the development of scalable and robust software for the decentralized Internet of the future with a focus on scalable blockchain based solutions.

Bitclear aims to be a leader in the provision of blockchain technology-based services such as the payment ecosystem and more.

We are here to make it happen.

Bitclear milestones

COMPANY ESTABLISHED Bitclear Ltd. established in Malta
FIRST BIG CLIENT Onboarding of the first big international client
RAPID GROWTH Rapid increase of new clients
GROWTH Sales turnover hits the roof
COMPANY RELOCATION Bitclear AG Incorporation in Liechtenstein
License as a TT - Exchange Service Provider from FMA in Liechtenstein


Bitclear has decided to use its existing cryptocurrency know-how to develop new services based on blockchain technology. This enables Bitclear to offer their customers the full range of virtual asset services, e.g. Crypto Exchange, Crypto Payments, Wallet Services, Tokenization and Security Token Offering Services.
All world

Customer & markets

With the increasing acceptance of cryptocurrencies, the market is growing continuously and internationally.
Our headquarter is in Liechtenstein.

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Bitclear Payment Gate and Bitclear Exchange are owned by Bitclear AG.
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