Accept Bitcoin as a payment method and gain even more customers for your business!


Tailor made technical business solutions to enhance your foreign exchange and payment capabilities.

We offer the most secure, decentralized and permission less payment system, enabling your business to obtain Bitcoin with certainty. We offer you the advantages of a payments system that is guaranteed to run 24/7.

No more banks, financial institutions, credit card companies and expensive middle men! A payment method made for the future, fast, efficient and open for anyone to use anywhere.

Benefits for your business


Transferring money abroad can be costly. By using our service, your business will avoid the unnecessary high transferring costs.


All your payments are instantly confirmed by our payment processing platform.


With the Blockchain technology, all payments are final. No more hassle and no more lost funds and disputes.



How it works

How does invoice factoring work!

Access a fully integrated and versatile platform to accept Bitcoin payments.
Bitclear takes care of your bills. You can send your goods immediately.

No hassle!
No problem!
No obligation!

You are selling a service or a product

On the checkout page, the buyer selects the payment method "Bitclear Pay“.


Bitclear Pay calculates the price of merchandise in Bitcoin and displays the invoice for your customer.


Your customer pays the invoice at a fixed exchange rate. We confirm that the goods have been paid for.


Bitclear converts the customer's payment into your preferred fiat currency and settle to you on the next business day.

Want to get started ?

Integrate with us as see how easy it is. Get in touch right now at [email protected]
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